• Natural Treatments for Cats and Kittens

    Information about natural treatments for cats and kittens.

  • Natural Dog Treatments

    Natural treatments and remedies for your dog.

  • Natural Pet Care

    Emotions are a vital component of holistic healing for your pet. At times it seems that no matter what we do for a dog, cat or horse they are still not thriving or not healing completely from physical issues. In reality these ailments may have been caused by a traumatic event that needs to be …

  • Robin Phelps MH, CA, HTCP, HTAAP, NHC

    Robin will show you how to better understand the emotional needs of your pet and provide tips on how to assist these needs. Watch your furry friends blossom! Modalities used by Robin Healing Touch Herbs and Nutrition Support Essential Oils Sound and Vibration Healing Communication   Pets Robin has experience with include horses, dogs, cats, …